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Mammut MTR 71 Trail Low Men Ayakkabı

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A super-lightweight multifunctional and trail running shoe made from a well-ventilated, robust 3D fabric. The midsole, which has a heel drop of 9mm, offers good cushioning and is equipped with the very aggressive gripex™ Sonar sole, which provides good guidance. The integrated Sonar technology, which features concentric lugs guarantees grip and safety on any surface. The lightweight EVA IP wedge offers excellent cushioning and a rounded rolling movement. It also features the patented Rolling Concept®, which provides prone and supine support as needed.

Article Nr: 3030-02981
Weight for UK size 8.5 (per pair): 580 
Ideal For:
  • Nordic Walking
  • Trail Running
Suitable For:
  • Walking
  • Travel
  • Biking

Characteristics / Features
Flex index: A4   
Last index: MTR   
Weight for UK size 8.5 (per pair): 580   
  • All Day Mountain Trail Running
  • Rolling Concept
  • Sonar Technology
  • Single Shell Construction
  • Liquid Rubber Protection
  • Midsole height 8 / 17 mm
  • HeelDrop 9 mm
  • Scale Technology
  • Frog Technology
  • Iguana Technology
  • Waterproof Construction
  • FeetMap
  • Memo Foam
  • Base Fit
  • Base Fit 2.0
  • Base Fit 2.1
  • Base Fit Advanced
  • Chimney ventilation
  • Dual Density
  • Motion Control
  • Rubber mix for far stronger gripThis mix is softer and therefore has a shorter life span
  • Meteorite Rubber
  • Light mountaineering sole with medium tread depthClimbing-ZoneEasy resoling
  • Very grippy mountaineering and backpacking sole with medium tread depthClimbing-ZoneEasy resoling
  • Backpacking sole with high tread depthPD Cage TPU element integrated in the wedgeProven Mammut Rolling Concept with flexible ribs
  • Sole developed specifically for via ferrataAll-round safety and grip conceptFlexible ribs and special lugs for increased grip on the via ferrata's iron stemples
  • Technical hiking sole with sharp-edged, medium tread depth (Capricorn Technology)Proven Mammut Rolling Concept with flexible ribClimbing Zone on the tip of the sole
  • Multi-directional, mid-height lugs, arranged in a scale formation and self cleaning (Scale technology)Proven Mammut Rolling Technology with flexible ribs
  • Hiking sole with integrated Sonar technologyMulti-directional lugs for safety on ascents, descents and traverses
  • Hiking soles made from gripex™ BKX rubber mix for the optimal combination of abrasion and adhesionProven Mammut Rolling Technology with flexible ribs
  • Hiking sole with integrated hexagonal lugs (Frog technology)Two rubber strengths for an optimum combination of grip and abrasion
  • The new improved version of the very successful Reptilia sole is lighter, faster and more aggressiveThe lugs are arranged wider apart for efficient self cleaningWith integrated Climbing ZonePU shock absorber, Stone Shield and Kevlar protection
  • Approach sole made from gripex™ sticky rubber blendMaximum adhesion combined with good anti-abrasion propertiesLarge Climbing ZoneCentral hexagonal lugs for grip on mixed terrainLarge edge lugs for grip on rock
  • Sole developed specially for alpine activitiesAll-round safety and grip conceptFlexible ribs and multi-directional lugs
  • Sole developed specifically for alpine activitiesAll-round safety and grip conceptRounded edges and multi-directional lugsInterior sticky rubber blend with high abrasion resistance
  • Sole designed for competitive mountain trail runningAll-round safety and grip concept (Sonar technology)Aggressive edges and multi-directional lugs for maximum grip during traversesSoft rubber mixture (sticky rubber)
  • Multi-directional lugsAll-terrain gripEfficient self-cleaning
  • Central M cleats for 3D grip.Caterpillar tread for rolling and adherenceBraking and impetus ribs
  • Trimmed down sole to ensure a light weight for varied applications on easy terrainMedium-hard rubber blend with good grip and anti-abrasion propertiesPerfect for travel, everyday wear and as a second shoe for climbers
  • Sole developed specifically for winter activitiesAll-round safety and grip concept with high lug structureTwo rubber blends with different hardnesses
  • Aggressive lug concept specifically designed for snow and ice activitiesSpecial winter-specific rubber formula with integrated metal particles (Meteorite Rubber)
  • Sole design for optimal traction in the winter terrain Special rubber mixture for the winter with integrated metal particles (Meteorite Rubber)
  • Mammut® Insulated Carbon shank
  • Shape-retaining, robust and comfort-enhancingThree different strength materials
  • Lightweight compressed Phylon wedge (EVA = Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) with very good damping properties
  • Long-life polyurethane wedge with good damping properties
  • Very light Phylon wedge (EVA = Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) with exceptionally good damping properties
  • The lightest Phylon wedge from injected EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)Optimum damping and abrasion values
  • Shank made from stable thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Integrated arch support made from stable thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Stone Shield
  • The difference in mm between the lower heel level and the lower level of the forefoot
  • High-tech cushioning materialVery long-lasting cushioningVery active protective from intense impactHigh rebound
  • 2 Zone Lacing
  • 3 Zone Lacing
  • Asymmetric lacingSnugger fit in the forefootAdapts to the foot’s anatomy
  • Boa® Closure System
  • Advanced MTR Speed Lace System
  • Lace system can be adapted preciselyLace storageFast and efficientSafe, because it can be laced conventionally
  • Easy Entry System
  • Flex Heel
  • Smooth and sturdy leather with velvety finish
  • Durable opencell split leatherGood breathability
  • Typically, extremely thick full-grain leather with smooth finish on external grain side. This makes this kind of leather very robust. Depending on the required finish, calf sports leather can be waxed, brushed or left untreated.
  • High-grade, very durable leather, which is very wear resistant and coarsely fiberedFrom the famous tannery Perwanger
  • Base made from leatherPolyurethane coatingAbrasion-resistant and waterproof
  • Fine-grained synthetic leather with a sanded finishLight and water-repellent
  • LightExtremely rip-proofHighly rub-proof
  • Uncoated ripstop polyamideVery tear-resistant and abrasion-resistantHighly breathable
  • The World’s Strongest fiberThe polyethylene fibers are 60% cutting resistant as carbon fiber, 15 × tear resistant as steelHighly resistancy against abraison, moisture, ultraviolet raysUsed in climbing gear, fishing nets, medicine, protective clothing
  • Light synthetic leather with smooth surfaceBest abrasion resistance
  • Softshell
  • Light, open synthetic fabricVery good breathability
  • Light, meshed synthetic fabricVery good breathability
  • Hybrid Shell
  • Blend of supple inner and tough outer materialsEnhanced comfort and improved adaptability
  • Very robust synthetic fabric made from high-quality polyamide (PA)Two different yarns create a technically functional and visually attractive fabric
  • Synthetic wadding with good heat/weight ratioMade from 100% PES (= Polyester)
  • Synthetic insulation materialMade from Super Fine FibersBalanced properties for verstatile use
  • No formation of creases in the tongue areaEasier to put on and take off
  • 100% guaranteed waterproofnessVery high insulationMade from 80% PES / 20% WO
  • 100% guaranteed waterproofnessHigh insulationMade from 72% PA / 28% PES
  • 100% guaranteed waterproofnessGood breathability
  • 100% guaranteed waterproofVery high breathability360° ventilation thanks to a perforated insole and open-pore wedge constructionImproved cushioning
  • 100% guaranteed waterproofnessVery good breathability
  • Improved temperature thanks to highly efficient moisture transportHealth benefit thanks to a long-lasting antibacterial treatmentEnhanced comfort thanks to padded softness and open-pored lightness
  • 3-D Textile
  • Very soft nappa cowskinOptimal climatic regularizationHigh moisture absorption abilityWorks antibacterial


  • Rolling Concept

    Creates suitable support and damping on specific areas of the footOptimizes natural anti-roll behaviourReduces fatigue (danger of twisting the ankle)Sole concept designed to orthopaedic findingsReduces the weight of the sole

  • Sonar Technology

    Every aspect of Mammut's long-standing sole know-how in footwear design and development has flowed into this mountain trail running soleIts profile has been inspired by the concentric patterns formed by spreading sonar wavesRunning in the mountains generates very high braking and thrusting forces in the sole and requires optimal sole edge stability and strength

  • EVA IP wedge

    The lightest Phylon wedge from injected EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)Optimum damping and abrasion values


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